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Wuxi Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area Administration Office

Brief Introduction of Jiangsu Nanchan Temple Enterprise Management Development Co., Ltd.

  The Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area Administration Office of Wuxi City is located at No. 32 Xiangyang Road, Wuxi City. It is a self-supporting business unit directly under the Nanchang District Government. In order to better serve the vast number of businesses, tourists citizens, improve efficiency, explore new management ideas, new models. With the support guidance of the District Committee, the District Government the District Administrative Examination Approval Center, the internal organization was restructured. On March 23, 2010, the Administration Department established Jiangsu Nanchan Temple Enterprise Management Development Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary of Jiangsu Ancient Canal Investment Development Co., Ltd. The management office Jiangsu Nanchan Temple Enterprise Management Development Co., Ltd. work together under two brands. The management structure consists of six departments: office, financial office, scenic area administrative service center, Scenic Area property management office, scenic area city management office exhibition management office. The joint office of Development Co., Ltd. implements seamless management of "vertical to bottom, horizontal to side" through the combination of flat vertical management mode. The management scope includes Nanchan Temple Scenic Area Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area.

  The Nanchan Temple scenic area covers an area of 19.5 hectares, with archaic architecture as the main part, reaching 130,000 square meters. It is divided into several functional areas, namely, antique calligraphy painting, jewelry jade, snacks, tourist crafts, stamps coins, Buddhist temple supplies, books magazines, audio-visual five cultural squares. After years of upgrading, it has become a large-scale open scenic spot integrating culture, tourism leisure. It receives about 5 million tourists annually 200,000 tourists during peak holidays. The scenic spot has won the honor of China's famous commercial street national AAAA grade scenic spot. It has become a tourist attraction with Shanghai Town God's Temple, Nanjing Confucius temple Suzhou Guanqian Street.

  Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area is located at the junction of the Ancient Canal Bodu Port outside the South Gate of Wuxi Old City. It takes the Ancient Canal as the central axis Qingming Bridge as the center. It spans Tangqiao in the north, Narcissus Daoyuan in the south, Zhu Dachun's former residence in the East Dingsheng River in the west. It covers 44 hectares 18.78 hectares of the core protected area. In 2010, Qingmingqiao historical cultural blocks stood out among more than 300 streets in China, were elected the second batch of "China's top ten historical cultural streets" by high votes.

The main responsibilities are:

1. According to the "Wuxi Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area Management Measures", a comprehensive management of the scenic area.

2. Responsible for the functional orientation layout of scenic spots, the implementation of regulation control.

3. To study formulate plans for cultural creative industries tourism industries in scenic spots organize their implementation.

4. To coordinate the management law enforcement departments standardize the order of scenic spots.

5. Establish administrative service centers in scenic spots implement relevant services.

6. Responsible for business invitation rent invitation of scenic spot shops professional markets, actively plan carry out various large-scale exhibitions other business activities.

7. Execute the work instructions of superiors to scenic spots.